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The Orthopedics and Traumatology Department provide the highest quality of care in many orthopedic diseases to patients of all ages. The orthopedic surgeons are specialized across a myriad of areas such as general orthopedics, orthopedic rehabilitation, sports injuries, arthroscopy and knee surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, wrist and hand microsurgery, foot and ankle surgery, hip surgery, joint replacement, microsurgery, musculoskeletal oncology, transplantation, spine surgery, rehabilitation engineering, trauma, and pediatric orthopedics.

In the Orthopedics Department, modern diagnosis techniques and state-of-the-art treatment choices are provided for the whole muscular and skeletal system, and for spinal diseases and traumas.

Procedures are as follows:

  • Scoliosis and Vertebra surgeriesJoint Dislocations
  • Muscle-tendon tears and breaks
  • Management of all fractures and dislocations of poly-trauma patients
  • Arthroscopic Surgeries (the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and wrist)
    • Gonarthrosis and coxarthrosis
    • Hip and knee prothesis
    • Revision operations on prothesis infection and losses
    • Periacetabular and high tibial osteotomy operations
  • Spine Surgeries
    • Spinal Deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis)
    • Spondylolisthesis (dislocation of the vertebra)
    • Degenerative Spinal Diseases
    • Spinal Traumas (cervical, thoracal, lumbar, sacral)
    • Spinal Infections (Spinal tuberculosis, nonspecific infections)
    • Spinal Tumors (Primary – Metastatic)
  • Orthopedical Deformities
  • Bone Lengthening Surgeries
    • External fixation applications in bone deformities
    • Non-union fractures and bone infections
  • Various Pediatric Diseases of the Hip Joint (Congenital Hip Dislocation, Aseptic Necroses)
    • All types of congenital and developmental problems like congenital hip dislocation, pesequinovanus, hemimelia
    • All childhood orthopedic disease such as Perthes Disease, bone and soft tissue problems, bone infections, limping and length discrepencies.
    • All types of trauma and sport injuries, fractures, tendon and ligament ruptures
    • Neuro-muscular problems like cerebral palsy, myelodysplasia, obstetrical palsy, Charcot-Marie Toot Disease.
  • Total knee Replacement
  • Total hip Replacement
  • Ankle and foot Diseases (Hallux Valgus Etc.)
  • Arthoplastic Interventions (hip, knee, shoulder, endoprothesis surgeries)
  • Hand Diseases and Hand Surgery (Microsurgical interventions are also provided)
    • Surgery of the upper extremity
    • Surgery of the hand, wrist, and arm
    • Microsurgery
    • Replantation
    • Free tissue transfers
    • Reconstruction of all acute and upper extremity traumas, artplanties and arthroscopy of small joints
    • Reconstruction of congenital hand deformities
  • Tumors of the Muscular and Skeletal System

For more information on spine diseases and their treatment visit our Spine Center, which is one of our centers of excellence.